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Nick Falls 2019 will not stay in the eagle

Beijing February 7th, US Time Sunday, NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the eagle expects to implement quad-saving contract options for Nick Foles 2019 The salary is 20 million US dollars.

Texas last season, played only three games. He suffered injuries hit twice, once shoulder rotator cuff tear, and once hip injury and underwent surgery. Dirk in three season with the Jets played in a total of 33 games made 2183 yards 19 touchdowns.

Galley showed a large landslide like the entire ram offensive group in the second grade season, and he averaged only 3.2 yards per shock, and the bottom of the running guards in all the scorpions of more than 150 times.

Huain joined 49 last season, playing 8 games. He won a total of 52 yards in 17 times, he also completed 8 abandoned attacks and got 76 yards. This 28-year-old running guard is between the training group and the player list when trying to learn NFL games.

US time on Tuesday, the team officially informed Falls, they will soon execute options. But less than an hour, Falls said that he would pay $ 2 million, refused this contract, and became a free player at the beginning of the new alliance.

The coach of Bruce, Arians, announced that he would tend to start a new show in the next game, Cheap Jerseys a new Duogen, Magas (Logan Thomas). He promised to make a decision as soon as possible. If he didn’t see what he wanted to see, this decision may also be delayed to this week’s training.

If the red ramp is lost to 49 people, it is very likely that they have to challenge the current 11 wins and 4 losses in the playoffs. If they win, they are more likely to face the National Liannan District Championship in the homeland.

Despite the four-point guards in the game to the Seattle Hawks, Ryan Lindley, only 41% of the pass, lead the team to get 6 points, Alius insisted that he still confident him. Lindley is only too many passed, and the coach group wants to have more observations to Thomas. “I think we have to figure out what he can do,” Aliis said to Thomas. “If you consider his ability, you will be intended for future and playoffs. That is my job, I want to make sure we take into account each aspect.”

Aliis said that the team’s top quadruption is slightly repeated. “If Dulu is really restored, we will send him first,” Alius said. “But I think this will not happen in the next game.” The main coach also said that there is optimistic emotion that Stanton is ready to play in the playoffs, “because he wants to be ready.”

Ram Run Guelley: The second grade season is like a nightmare

After a successful rookie season, he became the best offensive show, the Los Angeles race, Todd Gurley spent the tragic second grade season.

“Like a nightmare. I still can’t believe in the performance of this season,” Galley said. “This is definitely difficult for a year, which is a process of learning. There are only 4 wins and 12 more records? I don’t want to have this feel.”

Tennessee Titans signed veteran wide receiver Eric – Texas

Beijing June 19 news Beijing June 19 hearing quarterback Marcus – Mali Horta (Marcus Mariota) will be very happy this year because the Tennessee Titans wide receiver has been working reinforcement lineup in the offseason, cheap nfl jerseys from china and now they signed Eric – Dirk (Eric Decker).

Now he is the newest member of the Titan exciting catcher position. Titan before this year’s draft three selected Corey – Davis (Corey Davis), Tai Wan – Taylor (Taywan Taylor) and about efforts – Smith (Jonnu Smith). Now the team also took over Li Shade – Matthews (Rishard Matthews) and tight end Delaney – Walker (Delanie Walker), last season, the two men each ball more than 800 yards and made a total of 16 touchdowns .

NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reported that the reliable news on Wednes, Pierre Thomas was cut off by Saints. He entered the team with an image of a free player and served as a 20-year core attack role in the team.

The Hai Nin showed the potential of the open space in the previous season, but he never found the state in the regular season. The Heynnin has a poor in limited space and has repeatedly turned the ball in the early season.

The sea is in the statement that he plans to return to the movement of him. “I will retire from NFL because Fiji seven people’s football national team contact me to give me the opportunity to join the team to participate in the next Olympic Games, I just don’t want to miss this opportunity,” he said. “The Olympics is my dream since childhood, this is a chance I feel very similar to the NFL.”

We will never forget that he is one of the symbols of the Saints, and he has also been one of the best running guards of the alliance screen, and the Saint team is also extremely high due to his screen offensive efficiency. Thomas was in the super bowl, the screen of the Indiana Pony was perfectly reflected in his own characteristics, but also made this game a classic classic in the last ten years.

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