Best rowing machine for 2021

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A home rowing machine is a solid choice for anyone looking to start a  or give an existing workout space a boost. This one piece of equipment can also strengthen certain areas of your body that aren’t as easy to target with a  or . The best rowing machines offer an enjoyable, full body aerobic workout. 

But before you purchase an at-home rowing machine, it’s important to know the differences between each type of rowing machine and the advantages and disadvantages they offer. While some rowers generate resistance with actual water, others use air, magnets or hydraulics. Beyond fancier features like app compatibility or aesthetic design, there are also such basic differences to consider as type of resistance. 

Hydraulic rowers

  • Pro: More space-efficient
  • Con: The rowing motion isn’t as smooth

Air rowers

  • Pro: Less expensive
  • Con: Noisier than other types

Magnetic and water rowers

  • Pro: Quietest and smoothest types
  • Con: Usually more expensive

Every rower’s sensibilities will vary, but there’s undoubtedly a machine that can offer you the rowing experience you’re looking for. Here, we’ve selected our picks for the best rowing machine options, whether you’re totally new to rowing machines or well beyond beginner level, space-conscious, data-driven or looking for something pretty. 

Note that some of these picks for the best rowing machine options may be sold out or back-ordered due to production and shipping issues. Prices for the exercise equipment can change frequently online, but the below prices are accurate at the time of publishing. We’ll update this list periodically.

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The Hydrow is a rowing machine, antagonist workout class, personal trainer and AR experience all rolled into one. It provides a near-silent, ultrasmooth row thanks to its nylon pull and electromagnetic resistance, while its display shows your strokes-per-minute rate, calories burned and heart rate. (Although the Hydrow works with heart rate monitors, it isn’t compatible with wearables or smart watches.) If you make use of the display screen’s Live Outdoor Reality, you can feel as if you’re actually out on the water when you’re rowing. 

Aside from the indoor rowing experience itself, Hydrow’s rowing workout appeal comes from the variety of streamable class videos available through its class membership service. Rowing classes range in length from 10 to 45 minutes, while yoga, pilates and other full body workout options can run between 5 and 20 minutes. The only thing is, as you can see from the price, all of these additional features don’t exactly come cheap — not to mention that a  ($456) and Hydrow’s vertical ($69) are both sold separately.

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