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2 years agoBauer is still not formal, but his recovery is still very optimistic. “At present, I feel that I am very healthy, the core power is also very good. I all depends on my body, I have to step by step”, Ball said, “When you see I re-put the protective gear I am really ready to come out. ” Currently, it is still the goal of Bauer before the end of the episode. However, the head coach Fox believes that if Ball needs more time to rehabilitate, he is completely unnecessary. Fox said in an interview on Saturday, “This is dependent on the situation. Last year, he played a lot of competitions, and the break is also, I have enough understanding him.”

Jet takes behind the Quasi-Isavijari reimbursement

Jet takes behind Quincy Ennunwa, which is unfavorable. In the 2019 season, he only played a game because the neck injury, and now 2020 returns hope to bubble. US time on Tuesday, the team officially announced that the addition of Isarva to the injury and cannot be trained, meaning that he reimbursed 2020 season.

This season is the second career of Wetrano. He has played 21 games in the patriots, and he was placed in the training list from October 8 last year. The 26-year-old player has issued 8 games for the patriots, contributing 54 hugs and 3 quartz. Weilan’s joining compensates for the shortcomings of the team’s defensive lines, and this Zhou Jones was injured in this week.

At the age of 26 this year, the front of the front of the front, Signed with the team on December 17, 2014. The first game in this season is on December 28 to match the Faro Borel. His NFL career included 10 startups, a total of 6 teams will advance 52 yards.

The University of Flirds, who has been three years, does not rugby, and he has played basketball in UC-Owen, and then went four years of international basketball, and then shorted the Hawks and Hawks. After in 2013, he finally entered the premium list in the 2014 season.

Smith is a five-year show in 2011. After the abandonment of New England, I used to play for four seasons in Bill, playing in the raid in the past four years. His ball data is not eye-catching & mdash; & mdash; 56 times, pushing 392 yards, reaching 7 times & mdash; & mdash; but his coverage is worthy.

6 feet 7 inch, 281 pounds of Füls, although the lake, but very little ball, playing 14 games last season, catching 14 times. At Detroit, he will serve as the 2nd frontier, and the 1st is close to Eric Erchon.

Mustang main running guards are expected to come back

According to the Denver Post, the Maka team mainly runs the Mundi-Ball (Montee Ball) has now returned to the training, Bal himself and wild horses main coach John Fox (Jonhn Fox) against him The situation has been explained.

Type has always been the most popular candidate for the panther new boss. The Black Panther will eventually sell between $ 2.2 billion to $ 2.3 billion. Since 2009, Thael holding a small part of the Pittsburgh’s Shares is a familiar face for other team bosses. The same key part of this transaction is that the Tayp is scheduled to keep the black panther in Charlotte.

Bill and the old neighborhood plum – Smith signing for 3 years

Beijing May 13, US Time Monday, Bill officially announced, signing a three-year contract with the close-end SMITH. The total contract is 9 million US dollars.

Make a list of patriots on the eve of the United States

The new England Patriots announced on Saturday that they have signed the players who have been in the training list, and the defensive line players Joe Vellano replace the proximal Tmany – Manali on the original list (Steve Maneri) ).

In the 2018 season, Imai is considerable, the jet therefore renewed for a 4-year $ 33.4 million contract. Isai’s 6 million US dollars a salary next season, he will occupy a salary space of $ 7.8 million.

Isava is absent in the 2017 season due to the injury in the neck, and then opened again in 2019. Inea has said that he wants to continue playing, but it is uncertain whether it can be fully recovered. His sniper will continue to work hard, but the current situation is not optimistic.

60-year-old Thap born in Pittsburgh, he received Undergraduate Education at Pittsburgh University and got MBA degree from Carnegie Mellon University in 1982. Tayer founded Aparusa fund, currently worth approximately $ 11 billion.

Lat Portote also said that Tayer plans to make huge changes in team personnel after becoming the boss. General Manager Marty Hurney, coach Roen Rivi, Cam Newton, Wholesale Jerseys is expected to stay in the Black Panther in the future.

NFL official website reporter Ian RapoPort reported that the process of selling panther to Tayer in accordance with the informed man, and the process of selling the panther to Tayer progressed smoothly and the two sides may be reached. protocol.

Typer will be done by selling his own steel man shares and letting a trading of the black panther get the team boss approved. Three quarters of the team boss (24 people) need to vote. But this transaction is currently considered no obstacle to any obstacles.

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