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Black Lega has announced that they have signed safe Wei Jairus Byrd that has been selected for career bowls. He will fill the vacancies left by Kobman due to the lack of sprays in the inside of the knee.

Williams explained: “Why we will be touched because this team is not a stable organization, you don’t know who will be coaches every year, so I don’t want to be a pit as an old. I Need to find a job, because I am in a bad team, this is why I have to leave here. “

Mustang coach: will change the strategy at the additional points

Danfo Yam main coach Gary Kubiak revealed the team to develop new strategies for additional sizes. Last week, the Alliance announced the additional split regulations, moved to 15 yards at the 15 yard, and did not change the position of 2 points, and added additional partial attack.

At the time of the media interview on Friday, the Detroit Lion 4-shi said that he can see that Wei Zhenti is not much in the contribution. “It’s not that I expected his decision, but I was not surprised,” Stafford said. “I know Calvin for 7 years, I know that he has made efforts to compete and treats the game, which will have a negative impact on people. He took a lot of balls, suffering a lot of impact, which will have a negative impact. From an offensive angle To see if he is a player, the player is as many as anyone. So I know that the NFL has made him tired, I just told him, when he told me that he retired, I just told him, & lsquo; if you are happy I am happy to you. & Rsquo; this is what you want. He is a person who has made everything for the game, you want him to leave the game with his own way and feel the right thing to do. “

4 years agoRegardless of Gano, it is a big news for wild horses to win. The opening ceremony of the 2016-17 season is undoubtedly a defensive rolling team of two fences, the squad, the east cuts the best, and does not point to the blood fight?). This obviously the wild horse is a tribute to the 1977 era, and the wild horse often wins this ugly score. However, please don’t misunderstand & mdash; that is their style, and each victory is crucial (this time, it is facing a top-level battle team). Today, some wild horses fans are ignorant in the initial ranking of the season, but some things don’t forget: I haven’t heard any complaints and dissatisfaction before Graham Gano’s last few seconds. Now, Gary Kubiak’s team: Obvious this is a trained team in him, so there will be a chance to win any game.

Know the feeling of making people, Andy Dalton. The first & mdash; yes, it is the first & mdash of the team history, and the four defense is still playing the performance of the team after Sunday is killed 7 times. Can you believe this is in the past ten dialogue, is it the first time to win a jet? The first season of the first loss of Cincinnati, in 1968, the array of Joe Namath, the jet that finally won. Back to Sunday: A.j. Green’s 12 beautiful ball promoted 180 yards to win a trip to see how it looks? Let the Revis field look like “Revis Stops Welcome”

Sunday’s competition is another Hagle victory. The attack of constipation until the Russell Wilson Little Magic Fairy is turned into the last wave of offensive. Then look at the Dennis Eckersley: Hawk’s defense. Hawks seem to have a problem with some Mike Tomlim era, let the fans can’t craze: cheap jerseys I feel that each game can play my opponent. As a result, I have to be forced to the last second second, how much Number? However, after all, it will win, isn’t it?

Bird was played in Buffalo Bore in his career, and his performance was excellent, and 22 copies were obtained in 66 first. In 2014, he joined the New Orleans Saint of $ 56 million in a contract of $ 56 million. But he is there being injured and poor performance, causing him to be cut off this year.

For Williams, Brown’s decision made him very happy, he said: “At the last day, the guys have changed directly. From the training camp, the day of the training camp, their decisions were different, so I I hope to be contracted in the intermediate period. “

The problem now is what they should replace the Wei Zhentian. They signed Marvin Jones and Jeremy Kerley partnership in this year’s snapshots. These three people can provide excellent boline advancement.

Last season, the wild horses only tried 2 points for 2 points, and finally all successfully. According to relevant predictions, the success rate of the new season playing points will fall to 93% to 94%, which will encourage coaches to choose two points to a certain extent. For fans and audiences, they also expect to see more 2 points in the game, which will make the game more interesting. Although this reform has not been applied in a formal competition, the relevant person is optimistic about this.

Qian clinklan Brown hunger sulcous team

When I saw Cleveland Brown, I felt very badly when I was thamon Williams, because Brown’s rebuilding plan, it is clear that this location will no longer leave it to the old.

Peterson hopes that the alliance allows him to return to the venue

Adrian Peterson hopes to return to the field as soon as possible, he wants the alliance to be widely treated, and open a “green light” for him. Piteson’s lawyer said on Wednesday, he hoped that the NFL Alliance could make a decision as soon as possible, let his parties can re-entries for professional players. At present, Peterson is included in the exemption list by the team. To appear, he first needs to take his name cheap jerseys from china the list.

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