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Cossonus will have dinner with the Viking’s high-rise on Wednesday. He became a routine starting of Hongki in 2015, and the 2012-2017 six seasons were completed in 1372 passes. The pass rate of 65.5%, a total of 16206 yards, 99 reacted, 55 cases were copied.

The head coach McCarthy said that “everyone wants to criticize” the game records in the competition, but also said: “When I evaluate quad-shock, I am watching him by the video than standing by the video. Passing to evaluate difficult, but we feel that his video is very exciting. “

Thursday, Titan officially announced the management of three new members, Berge’s senior vice president and chief legal official, and two of the two are Surf Melendez, which is a creative director. Surf Melendez and served as a total legal consultant Dan Werly.

Wolf said: “I feel that he is fascinated by the football. He really put see it here. I think he fully understands his offensive group. He is eager to play satisfactory performance. He didn’t want to talk about something other than football. This It’s really impressive. “

Old will run Didon – Louis announced retirement

The US time is reported on Friday. According to ESPN reporters, the old will run the Di Don Lewis to declare retirement. Louis won a super bowl with patriots in NFL.

NFL official website reporter Ian – Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to people familiar with news reports that Brown will not attend offseason training of the voluntary nature of the team, because he wants a new contract. Fox Sports also reported that Brown be considered in order to get a new contract and missed minicamp and training camp.

Bottom line: unless the first four-point Wei Alon Rogers, Heng Deli will not have the opportunity to start. Like Rogers, this rookie will study behind a future celebrities. The last packaging process has played a good effect when the plan is in this case.

Most of Louis’s career is played as a three-speed running war, and the ball is promoted to a total of 3833 yards, reaching 22 times. After the 2016, the 20th season was played for the patriot, he also played Titan and the eagle. Louis’s 2020 season touched 29 times, pushed 115 yards, 19 times, and pushed 127 yards.

Height 5 feet 10 inches (1 meter 78) Brown does not have the typical body outside the ruling class to take over, but his line running the ball after the kick-off and start-up speed so that he can break through numerous defense. He is critical to the success of the Steelers offensive group and is a quarterback – Rose Rees Berg (Ben Roethlisberger) passing target safest.

nfl jerseys teams will not open because of past achievements to the players contract, but whether it is useful according to the future. Although the Steelers are not easily yield the kind of team, but Brown is one of the few offensive set for the operation of essential non-quarterback player & mdash; & mdash; especially in the Steelers running back Leiwei Ang – Bell (Le & # 39; veon the case next season, was suspended the first three games of the Bell).

Burg is Nashville, with Van der Bilt Legal degree, and in 2014, the Vander Bilt Trust Committee member is elected. He is A.a. A.a. Birch Jr. Son, the first African American Chief Justice, the Supreme Court of Burch, Tennessee.

However, the four defense of the University of California, the University of Los Angeles, believes that it is a good thing in the green bay packaging. “This is a blessing,” Heng Deli said to the Green Bay Media. “You know that I feel responsibility on the shoulder, I am coming to play, it is my purpose. I am here, I got my opportunity. This is how I look at it.”

Berge has worked for 24 years in the Alliance Office, which has been served as a number of positions. Previously, it was a senior vice president of administering labor policies and alliance affairs. Berdea is lively in the Alliance Office, responsible for including personal behavioral policies, drug policies, labor negotiations, and employee development.

Steelers number one wide receiver missed training want to get a new contract

At the end of the first All-NBA season, Antonio – Brown (Antonio Brown) is clearly one of the top wide receivers in the league. The Pittsburgh Steelers outside now want to take over this level of salary.

Kirk Coss is expected to sign a contract with Vijing for 3 years.

According to ESPN reporters, Adam Schefter reported that four-point Wei Kekes is expected to sign a three-year guarantee contract on Thursday and Viking.

Previously, NFL NetWork reporter Ian RapoPort reported that Viking people have opened a $ 86 million in full guarantee contract for Coss. If Cousins is signed with Viking, he will become the highest annual salary.

In 2012, Brown signed a six-year, $ 43 million contract. From then on, he is one of the best wide receiver Union. The 26-year-old player since the 2012 season finale every game completed at least five times the ball at least 50 yards. Since signing the contract, Brown has completed 239 catches for 3197 yards made 21 touchdowns.

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