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According to Starbucks, the players will be assigned to the designated Starbuckt store, the specific time is September 22, USA. The project also received support from “life better” charity organization, which is designed to help young people stay away from violence.

Starbucks’ investors said to this event: “Starbucks are proud to build better Seattle with the Hawks. We can also help young people stay away from violence to help them continue to receive educational opportunities.”

In Bennett – knee cruciate ligament tear before Jackson (Bennett Jackson), Mike Lai – Thompson (Mykkele Thompson) Achilles tendon tear and Knight – the case of Bo Black (Nat Berhe) accepts leg surgery, Giants safety guard position is not the whole staff. Brown return to the Giants might be speculated that among the common sense.

2, watch the grand prize

Everyday NFL will live broadcast on January 6th Hawks vs Cowboy playoff, will send a red envelope in the live broadcast, and have the opportunity to get 1 Hawks and Deni T-shirts, and you don’t forget to watch when you have a small partner.

The career entered its sixth year veteran of the past three seasons for the New York Giants in the starting 19 games, in which the performance is the most exciting time in the 2012’s breakthrough season, he scored 8 steals the ball and amazing 307 yards back to the offensive yardage.

Turbuski injured in the fourth week, absent the training of the fourth week and the fifth week. He later returned to the stadium, but his performance was not satisfactory: the pass rate of 63.2%, reached 17 times, was copied 10 times. He is in a short reduction in the mushroom at 2019, especially after the injury.

Xiong team quarter Sdu Besky receiving shoulder surgery

On Wednesday, US Time reports according to ESPN, shortly after the end of the season, the Xiong team quarter-Mi-Miheol-Trubisky received shoulder surgery and repaired the tearing left shoulders.

Notice! Starbucks have a sea eagle player grind coffee service

Recently, Seattle Hawksman’s head coach Pete Carroll invited several players to serve the local Starbucks served as the citizen. It is reported that this is to support his charity project “better Seattle”.

And the Los Angeles Rams running back Todd – Geer Li 4-year contract

Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell) – Beijing July 25 hearing when running back Leiwei Ang Unable to get the Pittsburgh Steelers of the contract extension, Todd – Geer Li (Todd Gurley) is successfully received the Los Angeles Rams the new contract.

Seahawks first attack of the second half, they advance all the way through short passes and rushed the ball, failed to over half. Rams offensive, Jared – Gough first ball was defensive end Cliff – Ai Weier (Cliff Avril) sack and off the ball, fortunately Goff picked up his off the ball. Rams have third gear out, and began to enter the Seahawks offensive rhythm. Russell – Wilson took over long pass Doug – Baldwin (Doug Baldwin) advancing 17 yards, tight end Jimmy – Graham (Jimmy Graham) is also connected at 31 yards short pass run, the team led into the red region. He came to a yard line, Doug – Baldwin redirecting bypassing angle guard, touchdown ball 1 yards, HY 17: 3 lead ram. This is referred to Baldwin the season 6 touchdowns.

Week 15 Thursday Night Race Report: Russell – Wilson 3 touchdowns, Seahawks 24: 3 Rams locked in advance of the first name of the partition

Beijing on December 16 Fri 9: 30, NFL Week 15 of the regular season opener ushered in a civil war in the National League West: Subdivision head 名西雅图海 Hawks sits at home, against the Los Angeles Rams. From a historical record of view, the Rams currently maintains three in a row against the Seahawks; last five games against teams, the Rams dominated four wins and one loss. The two sides last war was in the second week of the season, when the Rams home 9: Thedemonslair.Us 3 victory over the Seahawks.

The 12 teams entering the playoffs this year are Saints, Rams, Chiefs, Patriot, Bear, Eagles, Cowboy, Hawks, Texas, Pony, Crow, and Lightning. Among them, bear, eagle, cowboy, sea eagle, Texas, pony, crow, lightning will participate in the outer card of January 6th. The specific time is as follows:

January 6th

5:35 AM Indianapolis Pima VS Houston Texas

9:15 AM Seattle Hawks vs Dallas Cowboy

January 7th

2:05 AM Los Angeles Lightning VS Baltimore Crow

5:40 AM Philadelphia Eagle VS Chicago Bear

With the Rams third gear out again, the Seahawks took the ball right into the fourth quarter. Just opening the fourth quarter, Russell – Wilson’s long pass found Taylor – Locket, 57 yards a touchdown for the Seahawks a lead, Seahawks 24: 3 ram. Rams urgent need to score, Jared – Gough ran really fake pass, wide receiver Kenny – Britt ball forward 15 yards. Running back Malcolm Brown – (Malcolm Brown) then ran down a short pass 12 yards, rookie tight end Tyler – Higbee (Tyler Higbee) and rookie external practices Luo – Cooper (Pharoh Cooper) also suffered the first to get the ball attack. Into the red zone, Jared – Gough and Richard – Sherman crash occurred, and doctors do end up with a concussion check. Rams quarterback had sent Castro – Jina Mu (Case Keenum). Fourth gear 11 yards, tower Feng – Austin (Tavon Austin) can not catch under tight defense, the Rams converted fourth gear failure.

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