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“If a player is more excellent than the people in front of him, we will start to consider public competition.” Samunan said, “But True completed seven training in 49 people, I didn’t see him 40 days. So now I will not think about it. We will let Jimmy will have the first opportunity to give everyone. If some people seem to help us win, we will make a decision. “

After being cut off during the training camp, Geelis was surrounded by the saints, Mark Ingram was banned during the ban, and the Glisi was held 16 times, and the 43 yard was promoted. After Ingram returned, Geelis was cut off, and the new East is not found during the regular season.

At present, Griffin’s contract does not guarantee that he can stay in the end, and now his hopes are pinned on the training camp. If you perform excellent, he may eventually stay on the official list of dolphins.

Pete – Carroll (Pete Carroll) said: “We made a mistake in tactics signal the players confused, very unfortunate opponents to complete a simple touchdown players do not get the same signal, so it was done. Has happened. “Thomas confirmed Carol’s statement, he said:” The defensive group we are in this tactics, but the other half is playing another. When we don’t communicate, things will happen. I think Sherr Man is close to the side line, he got the correct instruction, but this did not convey to everyone. “

The performance of the Hawks in Section IV is the reason why the team eventually encounters reversal. Thomas said: “I have a lot to say, but I can’t say. This is a wonderful game, but in the end this defense is very ugly.”

Smith is the first round show of the University of Alabama, and the career is mainly tiger effective, 2009-2015 and the 2017-2019 season for Tiger 104 games. He has also passed a short stay in Viking and the red rickets, but he has to leave due to injuries.

Due to the lack of amniotic membrane, Griffin took the left hand in four years old. In 2018, he was used by Hawks with a five-round sign, became the first one-hand player in the history of the draft. In the first two years before the career, Griffin is one of the main members of the Habit Telegraph, and it is also short-lived in the last last season.

In the same way, Cheap Jerseys there is also a corner of the Dolphin, and the Cre & Rsquo; Von Leblanc, Www.Radiant-Ro.Com in order to make a big list space, defensive end of the Arms (Nick Coe) and the long-player Lex-Sandworm ( REX Sunahara).

After the end of the team snapper, Salunhan had appreciated Gallo Polo’s performance and thought this was the best performance in his 2017 season. At present, Gallo Polo has steadily ensured the starting position of the opening ceremony, but there is no guarantee.

49 people coach: Gallopolo is still the number one quarter

US Tuesday, 49 people’s training camp officially opened. Kyle Shanahan, also expressed its presentation that the team did not make four-dimensional open plan.

Thomas: There are a lot to say but can’t say

After the game of Seattle Hawks, Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas have quarrel. The two have problems in the process of staring in Greg Olsen, and the second line that has been proud will also make the sea eagle to swallow the fourth field.

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