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Alexander Top replade Buffalo’s injured outside the frontline, the whole year got 76 hugs, 12.5 times, 3 times forced the ball and 1 copy. In the Pro Bowl for his fight to the place after they won the Orlando Pro Bowl defensive MVP.

It is worthy of confidence: Jeremy-Parner and Visnevski joined the American Tiger spent three years of “Offense Front Reconstruction Plan” to be completed, the Jaguchi troughs take over Denal Robinson bitter The whole season’s first running guards, now in the sale of TJ Yeier East, where Alabama specializes in running, the number of mushrooms in the new season must not be 101 yards. The five-year 46 million signed Julies – Thomas, to create more three-speed and red zone to catch up with the body and body talent of the basketball big striker, better help Botels grow.

On Monday, the Cleveland Browns announced that Griffin would be their starting quarterback. Coach Hugh – Jackson (Hue Jackson) had hoped to determine the starting candidates before the first preseason game Friday against the Green Bay Packers.

This is a high-limit gambling. It may help Brown more competitive season than initially anticipated, so that they may bottom in the North American League. Jackson has been considered is to develop the players and the quarterback committed in the field and the field can be regarded Gelifenpei develop a functioning person.

“It is time,” Jackson said in a statement. “Robert has the right to be appointed to the Cleveland Browns starting quarterback since his team was signed in March, Robert has made it clear that he is willing to do everything that was asked to do to win by starting action. In this during which he won the teammates, the coaching staff and the whole team respect, it is necessary for him to attack the leadership group and for the whole team. “

This decision is not surprising. Although Brown picked a quarterback and array there are about even in this year’s draft – McQuarrie (Josh McCown), most of the attention is focused on the league five years ago or character Griffin hot body.

It is worthy of confidence: 25-year-old Andrew Ruck, cheap nfl jerseys will hear a technique of technique in a quarter, become more and more horrible, until a few playoffs in January, the technique is mature, and there is a weak point of Rak, It is not only the first time in life, but also needs to be prepared. T.Y. Hilton just continued to go to the big contract, which seems to be thin and treated with vertical threats to the “Marvin-Harrison” of Rock. Feng Tower-Davis sweeps all the comments on the right side of the fixed-season, the new season may not be solid back, and https://Linkedopentafsir.Com the audience kills the other party’s tricks. Just abandon the kick handkerchief – McCafi is also like a super superstar of a special group.

Tomlin said: “I only pay attention to the players, the views of Levieon are similar to a year ago. Both sides hope to reach a new contract, but also do their best, but unfortunately, we have to be ready to go. The arrival of the 2018 season, when he returned to the team, we will assess his abilities, see if it does not participate in training, there is no effect. Before, I will focus on the training ground, I think this is more appropriate. “

It is worth worrying: Sharris, Jack – 特 或 顶 顶 位置 上 位置 侧 侧 侧 异 异 侧 上 侧 上 进 异 异 异 异 异 异 异The front line is serviced, and Pedon Manning can never “enjoy”. In addition, Feng Tower-Davis’s partner may not find any clear answers during this year, if Greg Torle focuses on the other side of the other party, I am afraid I will miss some long biography.

It is worth worrying: The biggest problem in the offensive group is still too young. They never use the first round to pick off the front line, but Taylor Levan and Changs Womak failed to show the expected domination, the new show Lil-Green-Beckham has the most variatory physical conditions and talent, but Titan has always been “outside the black hole”, no matter how talent in the university, come to Titan Tong Tong. The second grade running guard Bisu Pu Pu – Sambi is only a lot of standard, and only knows that a population of people. The defensive group still tiger head snake tail, so excellent defensive front line with thin lines, except for the number one corner Wanjusen – McCati is slightly stable, other defensive guards are easy to stare against the defense mistakes become “big canister”, plus “patriotism Killer “Bernard-Polad is contracted, and the experience of rear defense is more scarce.

But our running guard seems to be true, so someone came out to correct him, “The reason why Matthews was fined is because he caught his own crotch and the ball is after Lin Qida, so It is not that he is applauding Mr. Linqi. “

According to NFL media people, Linqi was punished by the alliance by $ 20,000, because after completing the 24-yard sports ball reachable, he adopted a celebration actions, but he seems to take a hand from the teammates Kareth Matsu. Chris Matthews is more disgusted.

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