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Raytheon: I prefer Lane instead of Bellchik.

Before this week, before night, the legendary line of the Former Bar Dikamo Crow-Lewis said that if he chooses him to play down in Rex Ryan, not Bill Bee Bill Belichick.

Although the coach is full of confidence to White’s injury, the training is not a good sign. White himself did not accept any interviews, we will continue to pay attention to his injury. In addition, Falcon Paspell-Soliiai is also absent from the training, and he will accept inspections tomorrow. Smith believes that even if all training this week, Sorid is still going back to the team before the game.

Tiger defensive end: The night race is bad because of fear of darkness

Since Andy Dalton, Cincinnaton has begun to become a four-point guard. On Sunday, Monday and Thursday, their records were 2 wins and 6 losses. For a team who won 9 games from 2011, this data was too bad.

Rudy White continuously missed training, this week

Atlantian Fund Embranes, Roddy White, because the ankle injury is absent, the team’s training in Thanksgiving Day. Despite continuous lack of 2 days of training, the head coach Mike Smith is still confident to his love. Smith said: “I think he can return to the training tomorrow, I believe in him.” When the question and White can play in this week, Smith replied: “Yes!”

After the new England Patriot, Lewis explained his choice after 20-113. He said: “Rex and Bill are similar, but Rex is always from the heart, he can build his own prestige in the team, there will be no players don’t listen to him.” Lewis continued to explain: “I just said to make a choice, if you ask me to be Ricks or Bill, I chose Rex, because he is like a player’s father, not just let you go to play.”

If Lewis said the same point is the cheap nfl jerseys‘s head coach, I believe everyone will recognize, but their style is completely different. Of course, Ryan and Lewis have taken a super bowl together. At that time, Len is a defensive coach. Obviously, Lewis wants to express more than Lano rather than saying that Ryan is a good coach than Bellchik. But it is apparent that such a speech will be attacked by many people.

US Time Monday, according to NFL NetWork reporters, although Simmons has confirmed label contracts, both sides want to continue to negotiate long. None of the four players who have used the label of John Elway did not have a negotiation before the deadline, and signed a long time.

However, the reason for fear of the night is that this team is so bad that the team leading the three times into the playoffs. And the monday to the Denver Wanma team, they will once again confirm this view.

Light gray blue cricket and golden pants and the figures on the helmet are for the tribute to the team in AFL, but it will also remember the glorious age of Ramina Tomlinson Morlin. It is the influence of the team in the past few years of Color Rush style. The team has been influenced by the team in the mid-1970s, and the third team of Tibetan cyan is similar to the team in the late 1980s to the 2000s The medium-term color, in which time the lightning entered the super bowl, the new millennium began a period of success.

This year, due to the influence of new crown epidemics, the uncertainty of salary space caused the contract negotiation and slow progress. 15 players who have obtained privilege labels this year have no sign of approximately. Simmons label contract annual salary is 11.44 million US dollars.

Jones last time to go back to the similar situation to 1993, the current famous Hall of the Trusted Emit-Smith (Emmitt Smith) In order to obtain a new contract, there are two regular seasons (cowbi lost). Jones finally served soft, gave Smith, and cowboy also won the super bowl along the way.

Denim boss Jones: No need to win the ball code king can also win a super bowl

Beijing July 30th, running, Ezekiel Elliott, the death of Ezekie Elliott, did not see the end, and Jerry Jones, Jones, Jones, have seen itself in trouble. .

Jones said: “This is one of the troubles in the alliance, because everyone knows, there is no Emit – Smith or Iqiger – Elliot does not affect you to win the super bowl. In retaining At the same time as Leot, you have to make sure you have other necessary players. This is our current problem. “

Now, the star player who is waiting for (new contract) is not only Elliott, and the cowboy must be solved in turn according to priority. Elliot’s rookie contract is currently two years, without participating in the team training, he will go to the St. Lucas, Mexico to conduct private training.

The digital sample of the new jersey is more simplified. The lightning pattern of the shoulder is enlarged. The lightning pattern here is substantially the same as the lightning pattern on the helmet in the helmet. In addition, the lightning pattern of the new pants is no longer so curved, more flow lines.

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