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At present, the team has been prepared for the entire season of Lost White Hyde. His team may still lose the current number of the top number. The nearest training camp in Quincy is encountered by the neck injury. .

Pert said to the reporter: “This is the work of Brian (Brian Hoyer). I hope he can keep confident and go directly to Wiki Cepheid to the court.” Pe Ting also explicitly denied the mechanism of Brown to enable two four-guard competition. He said: “I don’t think we will now enable this mechanism.” Pe Thet didn’t want to replace the quarter-free space in the middle of the season. He hinted that Manzell would not have a first chance in this season.

NFL starts using a 16-game regular season system from the 1978 season. Among the new labor agreements reached in March this year, the alliances and / or teams have the right to decide to increase the number of regular regulations to 17 games at all times, while the number of colors of the season is not more than 3 games.

The team, such as the Auckland raid team, such as an Oakland raid team, is not necessarily suitable for Jennings, which is high as the Auckland raid team. Ted Thompson will bring him back to Green Bay Package as the fourth extraction?

The Brian team disclosed this summer, Mande will become the secret weapon of the team, but their coach has sang and responded to the team. After knowing this news, Manzell was difficult to cover up, he said: “I can’t change anything. I think if I can play a better place in the two weeks of the game, send a few more exciting Pass, the situation may not be the case. But unfortunately I didn’t do it. ” It seems that Manape has to accept the fate of the substitute.

Bris also suffered from the shoulder lip to tear injury, once considered to say goodbye to rugby, but he successfully recovered and continued to fight the game. Bris believes that Rack can also do the same thing.

Bris believes that Rack is expected to be elected to play players in Dongshan.

Beijing July 19, Saint-Saint-Sudu-Bris (Drewl Luck) or Darren Sproles would be elected to this year’s East Hill again player. Last year, Sr├╝ls had a three-week torn in the third week of regular sessions, and the arm fractures, there is no reimburse season, and Rac will start a game from 2017.

Brown master coach: The team has no mechanism of two quadrants competition

The Brunt announced that Hoyell will become the first four-point guard and will be the first week of the first week of the game, the Cleveland Brown coach Mike Pettine is clearly expressed in an interview. The support of Hoyel’s first status, the team does not have two mechanisms that compete for competing. In other words, when Hoyel is working properly and maintains health, Manzell is afraid to watch most of this season on the bench.

“Any relationship is difficult to recover, I understand this, Andrew is more difficult.” Bris said, “It is obvious that he has been a long and difficult road, but this year He also made a effort in the sniper season, hoping to continue to complete the high level performance. “

Although there is no coach now looks forward to the discard kick as the last defense to complete the crowd, but you have to show it. In the first quarter of the game, Li completed a 52-yard kick. The other party returned Hunfris all the way to rush to break the defense line, and it is necessary to rush to the top 30 yards of the Brownian zone. And Di-Li Zheng Huifeng also has a ten yard, complete a hug for any NFL player & mdash; even if you are abandoning the hand & mdash; Even if he wants to avoid collision, you can completely the card, or act as a “Jauso” to take a little time for teammates who have arrived.

Brown kickups make people reducing any physical contact

Brown has not signed a contract to abandon the hand Andy – Lee is a decision that is correct. Even if it has been signed, he will also suffer from the dodge in the Night Tournament of Brown 13-30 on Friday.

Given that NFL must first negotiate to achieve at least a new media broadcast contract can determine the number of regular seasons in the next season, so NFL will not officially announce this decision in the near future. However, a team that understands the details of the discussion said: “We all expected the alliance to make this decision.”

Jennings was founded in the expectations, but the trading of Wallace accelerated this process. The 31-year-old Jenningness was originally $ 8.9 million in income this season, but since he arrived in 2010, he did not catch a thousand yards a season.

NFL plans to increase the number of regular seasons to 17 in the 2021 season

According to informed people, NFL expects to increase the number of regular seasons to 17 games in the 2021 season; & mdash; this historic decision will increase more revenue, may reduce at least a slight reduction in the decline in next year.

Increased to 17 regular seasons will also increase the possibility of holding competitions and international competitions in a new neutral venue. cheap nfl jerseys from china has been fixed in the UK and Mexico, they are considering holding regular sessions in Canada, China, Japan, Germany and Brazil.

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