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I will not speak Texans coach – Bill O’Brien (Bill O & # 39; Brien) with a series of bad operation of the team’s future is completely overdrawn, the record for the race start of the season is also expected efforts will be necessary. Quarterback DeShawn – Watson (Deshaun Watson) the offense whole anti their shoulders, 2,601 yards and 18 touchdowns 6 interceptions can not ask for more. But his “cool” is also a double-edged sword, let Broken offensive line is facing a more difficult test. After J.J. Watt (J.J.Watt) down defense group like an instant lost soul. Pass rush and run anti-efficiency plummeted, the previous week for the Baltimore Ravens is many times lower to miss tackles.

Schwits original new season salary is $ 2.75 million. He will now earn $ 1.2 million and $ 500,000 in a bonus. He also has the opportunity to get a total of $ 250,000 in the playback bonus (1,6625) per entered a game. According to the change of the bonus, Schwat’s salary increases between 1 million to $ 800,000.

Texas people choose Will Fuller and Braxton Miller in the draft first round and the third round. Both people offer a distant speed and open space of dodge to support the Deandre Hopkins. Jalen Strong has been acclaimed last year. Jalen Strong has been praised.

[Preview] twelfth week tournament Thursday night race: Texans vs Colts

The same partition are tied for first name to a 6-4 Indianapolis Colts and Houston Texans, will be launched a desperate struggle in NRG Stadium. Five weeks ago in the pony home defeat, Texans bound to regain face and stabilize the playoffs at home.

Schz does not provide his superior with his young teammates, but he can be a stable slot. He may play an important role at the beginning of the season, then loses the play time as young people grow up. He had to stop F Ward and Strong to grab his position.

For the Colts, this is their 1984 relocation from Baltimore since the most glorious period of history (success pony 1990s is that people did not expect), after the Colts in 1998 ushered in Peyton signed with the champion Manning, once again usher in a new glory. The game is known as one of the greatest NFL game, called “60 minutes”, marking the end of the hard work pony season, this season, 19 games they have won only 15 games within a touchdown of scores, including three overtime games.

The old eagle close-edge ridged-Erz will be missed 3-4 weeks

US Time Monday, according to ESPN reporters, the eagle near Tang Zak-Erz Ertz is expected to be absent from three to four weeks due to the high ankle sprain.

To the fourth quarter despite drastic changes everything, pony opening did not take long punt once, let Steelers running back Andre Hastings hand to complete a half-run ball, but the Steelers offensive group has missed this opened the score Chance. Hands the ball back to the pony, Harbaugh seized the opportunity, a long pass 47 yards, wide receiver Floyd Turner touchdowns, the game leading the pony for the first time, 16 to 13, super fast reply after the Steelers had to attack weak punt, then the Steelers defense group created once off the ball but did not get the ball, and the colt’s strong attack in front of the Steelers defense is also no way, the ball once again returned to the Steelers offensive team on hand at this time game time is only 3:03.

The running back this week to report to the team in the offseason absent voluntary. He signed with the Titans in 2013 a three-year contract worth $ 10 million, had this season, he will earn $ 3.25 million.

The eagle is expected to make up soon. External connections Alshon Jeffery, DESEAN JACKSON, has been hurt, and has been restricted for several weeks. Right cut Rann Johnson is not hurt, instead of his own new show Jack – Driscoll is also leaving the ankle. Jason Kelce is now the principal of the offensive front line.

The last dialogue, Bristol Seth stood out with four touchdowns, to fill the role of the road was targeted. This time, running back Marlon – after Mike (Marlon Mack) palm fractures, more need to rely on him. Fortunately, another running back Jordan – Wilkins (Jordan Wilkins) comeback, allowing the colt to running back rotation targeted. Or, front guard Quinton – Nelson (Quenton Nelson) can be a real time touchdown celebration? To avoid the pitfalls Watson, Leonard steals lore of drama can not be repeated in front of the home fans. Security guard Justin – Reid (Justin Reid) absence let Texans defense group level decreased again.

After the New York Jets at the time effect for two consecutive seasons over a thousand red ball, the effectiveness of the Titans two seasons in Green’s performance very disappointing. He rushed the ball in two seasons played 24 games 171 times to get 687 yards and rushed the ball only six touchdowns.

NFL official website experts to Titans running back position of strength in the league in second to last. The location in Green Titan is already ranked in Bishop – after Cobb (David Cobb) – Sankey (Bishop Sankey) and rookie David.

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