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In this week’s interview, Li’s performance of Smith has published its own view: “I have repeatedly discussed this problem with Rex, and Smith’s performance is very unstable. This is almost killed us. Our defensive performance Very nice, but Smith can’t grasp the opportunity to win the winner. That is, but he has only a very exciting performance. The last 5 games his quarter-saving ball score the league 7th, the last week also won the full points I still believe that he has the ability and has potential. “

In other words, some games need more punch attacks, fewer pass attacks. Some need to get more paste. Some people need a player to get more opportunities, some need to reduce the opportunity of a player.

“Everyone tells me, & lsquo; 哟, brother, you may get a lottery ticket. & Rsquo; I am really unwilling, I really feel nervous to join the chief, not very sure I can integrate,” Sags said . “Reide coach made me peace of mind.”

Talking about the new east, Li’s cooperation with another young quadruple EJ Manuel (EJ Manuel “is very expected. Li said: “I am looking forward to Manuel’s performance. I still remember those who are in the university. I understand his ability, I have confidence to help him win more games.”

Nowadays, the fourth digress of the election, Amri Cooper, is reported that he is now considered an optimal transaction of the Auckland raid. The teammates are full of praise, and the coach group said: “He is great, you will look for the best route, think about the best route.”

Front jet four-point guard: Smith “killing us”

In the past two seasons, David Lee has been serving as the four-point guards of New York Jet. His work is in cultivating Kino Smith into a qualified first quarter-off. The difficulty of this job can imagine that he did not succeed. With Rex Ryan to join Buffalo, Li also followed Ryan a quarter-free coach.

Randy Starks is a height of 6 feet 3-foot weight 305 pounds, which is excellent in anti-running capabilities, and can be competent in 3-4 defensive front lines. Brown signed Starks who was undergoing dolphins with a contract of 8 million contracts, he will reunion in the former dolphins and Karlos Dansby. He also succeeded in Brian Hartline, the second front dolphin player in Brown this year.

Brown is signed two, continue to enhance defense

The Brown team without a special big action quietly completed two contracts. The former dolphins defensive cututs, and the front packaging workers Weiwu Williams were experienced, and adding to the defensive group. Tiles.

The challenge is to let the players accept arrangements. The easiest way to achieve this goal is to win. But when you can’t get a victory, the players who have not received enough ball will be dissatisfied. I feel that if I live more ball, I can help the team to win.

32-year-old Telamon-Williams, Signed three years with Brown, join the Joe Haden, safe satellite-Whitner and Tagne – 3 professional bowls of Tashuan Gibson’s Branda. Since 2007, he has only lacking 1 game. Since the 10th season, a total of 22 CDs (including the playoffs) since the entire alliance second only to Sherman. He will replace the first position of Baster Skrine in the jet.

7 times, Sagas, who was selected in a career bowl, has won 2 super bowls of championships. In the 31-20 defeated San Francisco 49 people, he got 2 hugs and 1 hit four-point guard. In the 2 conventional race of Emirates, he obtained 1 kill, the total number of career came to 139 times, ranking history eighth.

“In fact, I discussed this issue this morning and offensive coaches. We discussed the number of mulchings, the number of buses and tactics.” Kevin Stefanski) received an interview on Thursday Indicated. “We will definitely consider this problem. After working with different teams and different offensive players, we know that sometimes you have an excellent running guard, excellent external hand or excellent close-end strike, of course, you have to assign The ball is fine, and it is necessary to understand different game programs at the same time. “

So in the Run Nick – Nick Chubb, running Kareem Hunt, Exterior Hut, Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.), External Through Jaweiss – Rand JARVIS LANDRY, near-pending Austin Hooper and near-Terrier David – David NJOKU, Brown plan how to distribute the ball?

President, President, Confident, Fitzgerald, can stay

Arizona Rochao hopes to keep Larry Fitzgerald, and the latter also hopes to continue to be the proliferation. However, as of now, the two sides have not yet made any progress in negotiations. However, the team president Michael Bidwill is not worried about this, and he is very confident for the core of the team.

According to Nfl Jerseys official website reporters, the rickets I hope that Fitzgelad can accept a pay salary, otherwise his contract will cause more than $ 2,300 million in the next season. Budville also said: “We all hope that Rarry can be retired with the regulatory players, and Larry is still thinking about it. He is still excellent in his performance this season, we need him.”

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