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Case-Karnham does not care about the impact of the two quarters

SAM Bradford, Sam Bradford, is increasing, and the starting task is handed over to Case-Karnam. This week’s Viking of the bucket in Aaron Rodgers was hurt after receiving the situation, and 23-10 achieved victory.

Burns has been a key member of the Panthers defensive front line. Currently the Panthers made 18 sacks, tied for the league. Burns made 2.5 sacks, ranking first in the National League rookie defensive player, he hit the quarterback in the league nine times a second.

Barrett had one of the league’s most underrated free agent, but now he’s an amazing 9 sacks in the league first. Since 1982 it is included in the official statistics sack, sack record the first four games of the season the same as nine times.

Denpawan Pirates Second-Year Line Wen White rely on helping the team 31-27 defending Atlanta Falcon’s performance becoming the best defensive player in China. He won 12 times, 4 times, causing the number of damage to the code, 3 killing and twice to destroy the ball.

Indiana Polis Pony defensive Pad Deforest Buckner dedicated to the team’s 27-20 defending the Houston Texas people. He obtained 3 kills, 4 times and once forcing the ball to help the pony gain a key partitioned civil war victory. He is therefore the best defensive player in Mei Week.

DESMONT TRUFANT was absent cheap jerseys from China the brain to the game. However, at the press conference on Monday, Dan Quinn, Dan Quinn, said that Trufte has passed the brain shock, as long as there is no other problem in the next few days, it can return, with Robert Alford (Robert Alford) ) Let the provincial challenge together.

September National League Player of the American League announced

In the first month of the season in the game, was undoubtedly the most eye-catching quarterback Patrick – Macho James (Patrick Mahomes). So he brings to become the American League Offensive Player of September.

External handlers Antonio – Brown and Quadruple Wah Wilson training

About one week ago, the cheap nfl jerseys from china TV network reported that the Seattle Hawks and Baltimore Collus had discussed whether it was signed an external take-away Antonio Brown. Now, Brown released a video of Tonghai Eagle 4-point Wilson on Instagram.

In the first four games of the season, McCaffrey offensive advancing 629 yards, and even ranked first. At the current pace he would break – Chris 2509 yards record created in 2009, Johnson (Chris Johnson). In the past two games, his excellent ability reflected most vividly. He rushed the ball for 246 yards, the ball get 121 yards, made a total of two touchdowns.

Guillain-called “Socrates weight” 20 times in the season has kicked discarded punt 11 yard line 20 within the opponent. He averaged 41.6 yards a kick every time abandoned (net yardage 40.6 yards), the farthest kicked 55 yards.

Last year Brown’s field wind wave attracted all focus. First, the helmet issue and the Auckland raid are turned over, and then in the first game for new England patriots, it will fall into legal issues. He didn’t play the ball since the second week of last season.

“He is ready.” Cali said, “Now he can get these training opportunities, I think he has a confidence in the debut of the battle. In the previous game, the second half suddenly played, and there is no more training together with the starting lineup. Some difficulties. But this week & hellip; & hellip; I think he will be more free. “

In the 17 discarded kicked, Moss Ted 11 within the opponent punt 20 yards line, an average of 48.8 yards per kick discarded (44.8 yards net number of codes). When the Saints strive to adapt not Drew – Brisbane when life, Ted Moss in the last two weeks of the punt team performance to help limit the opponent’s attack, the team winning play.

Macho James is currently passing achieved 1510 yards 10 touchdowns, are ranked first in the league. Considering he is number one in the absence of the target and the ball starting left tackle, so the performance is more amazing. He is expected to be in 2003 and 2004 Peyton – since Manning (Peyton Manning) first season won two consecutive MVP seasons winning player.

Texas will make our rookie quartz Davis Mills starting

Tuesday, Tuesday, Texas David Culley, said, Davis Mills, Davis Mills, will start the battle on Thursday night, the leg crispy Tero Taylor ( Tyrod taylor is added to the injury reserve list.

In the game of the Washington football team, the Sea Eagle abandoned Michael Dickson, and all of his 4 times and kicked into the opponent 20 yards. Within the line, averaged 50.8 yards every time. Such a performance made him become the best special team player in the National United Know.

Taylor will therefore absent at least three games. After the left leg of the game was injured in the upper half of the game, Taylor was replaced by Mills. Mills completed 8 times in the audience, push 102 yards, reached once, and copied it once.

Let us continue to repairing crazy! In the starting quarterback Nick – After the Falls (Nick Foles) collarbone injury absence, rookie quarterback led his unit at the time as a starter 2 wins and 1 loss, made seven passing touchdowns, only 1 pass She steals the ball.

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