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Before the end of the third quarter, the giant runs to Krakra-Jennings rush down 24 yards, helping the team to come to the branch. Entering the fourth quarter, Elays Manning converts the four gears 3 yards, the new show, Sterling Shepard, 3 yards score, giant 21:20 anti-ratios. Soon, the quartz Wei Di-Dalton sent a gift for the giants, and his pass was powered by Landon Collins. Dramatic is that the giant also returns a mistake: Eli Manne’s first pass attempts after heavy ball, will be traveled by the Tiger, Georg, Aloka, GEORGE ILOKA. However, the Tiger team failed to seize the opportunity to score, and the two teams continue to discover their kicks. There are 3 minutes left, the giant team runs Wei Srader – Jennings successively rushed 9 yards and 25 yards, and won the first attack in a row, helping the team consumed time. In the end, the game is over, the giant is at the home of 21:20.

According to reporter news, “Wild Hema is interested in trading Cape Nick, and has done some efforts, the contracts they give include 12 million US dollars, as well as starting and rebuilding him, but these seems to be able to touch Katnik heart of.”

Cook said: “When you are still in other teams, this offensive group seems to be very special, but people don’t know the Central of the country. After coming to this team, I suddenly realized. The atmosphere here makes you more I am eager to learn and become a better player. “

Errak said: “Since Smith left, the bear has encountered setbacks. I think that even if we entered the playoffs, I will be touched, because the team manager does not like his coaching method, but Smith is a winner, I like to play for him. “

The possibility of re-selection competition is small, but Indianapolis’s stadium staff said they are required to prepare for a Monday night. The official Security Department spokesman said that we will stand at any time.

This is no longer the first game of the season, last week’s New York jet against the battle of Arraoebel, due to the snow, the Skirus, has conducted Monday Night. However, this time is different, because only 12 miles from the main scene of the ram, all changes may occur. The Kansas chief recently changed a home game to the home court of Denver’s wild horses, so there is no reason to determine that the game will not change.

The racing season, the ram has also made some big adjustments. They will be swept away from Sammy Watkins and have also obtained Brandin Cooks by trading. Although Cook is not long, he has seen the special potential of this team.

The last season of Oracing is the 2012 season, and Lovie Smith is the last season of the head of the bear. Smith leads the team to complete 10 wins and 6 negative records but because they have not entered the playoffs. .

Bryan Erk believes that the weakness of the bear team is a curse

Anyone who does not understand the team of the Saki Chicago is not need to feel bad, because the team’s legendary player Brian Erran Urlacher cannot be understood.

The game of raids and rams may be immigrants

The cheap nfl Jerseys from china Union is considering the migration of Sunday Auckland raids and St. Louis ram to Indianapolis, because persistent violent protests in Ferguson in Missouri.

Entry Robert Woods: “The question is, we can also improve what kinds of aspects to better meet the upcoming season. We have already tangible points. The team has been armed, but it also needs some fine-tuning “

At the beginning of the game, the giant team first attacked and quickly entered the status. As soon as I went, the close-end Fengwell Thai (Will Tye) took the four-point Wei Yilai Manning, and won 25 yards. Entering the Tiger and Half Field, running Wei Srader – Jennings, Jennings, short-transmitted 16 yards. The final rookie is close to the end of Jerrell Adams, complete the 10 yards, the giant 7: 0 first record. The score behind the tiger to make a response: 4 points Wei Di-Dalton uses Emilli-style, and the long biography is found to be close to Thaler-Efte (Tyler Eifert) to advance 71 yards. It is followed by, A.j. Green (A.j. Green) 13 yards gatched the ball, the score was drawn from 7: 7. Thereafter, both sides can not advance in the past half, and they will give up.

The competition entered the second section, and the Tiger team worked again, then the giant took over Odell Beckham JR to complete 21 yards, helping the team to enter the Tiger half. Four gears 2 yards, the giants did not choose to try 55 yodi, but with Eli Manning was killed by Keno Atkins, the giant converted four files failed. However, the tiger offensive group failed to take this opportunity, three gears. Giants get the ball, Tiger corner Wei Dru – Kirk Patrick (DRE Kirkpatrick) successfully copied the pass of Dr. Manning and attacked to the giant 7 yard line. Playing the ball Mc. Mike Jocks, Mike Nugent, is 25 yards, Tiger 10: 7 leading. The slumber of the score is first completed by the external hand Odel-Beckham, after which the giant is promoted to the Red District, and finally Beckham took the ball at the end of the end area, the giant was 14:10. The tiger team before the end of the half has no trees, and enter the midfield to rest.

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