Why See an Eye Doctor?

Many individuals do not realize the significance of seeing an eye doctor regularly, especially if they do not seem to have any apparent vision problems. Though your vision seems fine, that doesn’t mean there aren’t potential problems. Common eye exams can prevent problems before they occur.

Prevention Begins Early

Children should have their vision assessed by an eye physician to determine whether or not they have any problems with their eyes. Even if the tests come out normal, common visits to the eye doctor can keep their eyes healthy and prevent any future vision problems. If any problems are detected, they can be treated and corrected. The American Optometric Association recommends that infants should have their first eye examination around 6 months of age. Following the initial examination, children should see an eye physician every 2 to 3 years and right before getting into school

Age and Health Conditions

As folks age, they may experience some loss of vision acuity. Health conditions corresponding to diabetes may affect vision. You will need to have regular eye exams to detect vision loss or which will result from conditions similar to cataracts or glaucoma. Individuals with glaucoma can experience everlasting vision loss and many of them aren’t even aware that they have the condition because they do not see the eye physician on an everyday basis. These people may lose their vision unnecessarily because it may have been prevented. Regular eye exams can even help to provide early insight into different health conditions such as diabetes and hypertension.

Work and Play

Good vision is necessary for lots of the activities we interact in every day, from work to play. Individuals often spend hours in entrance of pc screens at work after which go home and spend time on the computer. Spending a lot time looking at a pc screen can cause headaches that result from eye strain. Reading, stitching, woodworking and many other activities can strain the eyes. It’s essential to see the eye doctor to be able to preserve good eye health and to determine if our eyes would benefit from prescription lenses.

Scheduling Eye Exams

Folks that don’t have any obvious eye problems should see the eye doctor every years for a routine exam. Those who wear glasses/contacts or have some type of eye condition ought to see their doctor annually. It is also advisable that those aged forty or under with normal eye health schedule an exam each years. People aged 40 to 64 with no vision loss also can follow that schedule. Nonetheless, individuals aged sixty five or older as well as those that expertise any vision loss ought to have an exam yearly at minimum. Folks ought to see their eye physician as quickly as possible in the event that they experience headaches or blurry vision.

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