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Patriot Offense Coach: We will not avoid Sherman

New England Patriots Offense Coordinator Josh McDaniels requires the trouble of resolving the Seattle Sea Eagle Horn Richard-Shelman (Richard Sherman) in the 49th Super Bowl.

The best lineup of the sea eagle is a second-line defensive custom sea, they will make the patriots, Tom Brady and his teammates, and wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping Shelman’s career in their season. The opponent is only a very low 18.1 quarter-breaking point & mdash; & mdash; this is the lowest data in the current wholesale nfl jerseys free shipping player.

“We have to do very well on the open trip,” McDaniels told reporters on Tuesday’s media day. “This guy is high, the speed is fast and the interference in the kick is very strong … he is a very intelligent player, understanding tactics and external hands … and (patriots corner Daliel -) Rewei Darrelle Revis is very like. Darrell will conduct some things in the team in the face of our offensive group, when you have a kind of & lsquo; how do this guy knows that this is part of the Attack Part & rsquo; What he did is more than staring at your goals. “

McDaniel said that he has benefited a lot through the Shandian Training, and his offensive group has benefited a lot. Note to detail may be where Shelman and Rewick are the same place. Each of the Haiying players who have been interviewed in the superb bowl, praise Shelman desperately watching the competition video and wholesale jerseys for sale analyzing the heart intelligence energy.

Previously, the team with the Hawks was completely avoided from Sherman’s half-border, cheap Denver Broncos jerseys online but McDaniels said that the patriots would not adopt this way in the super bowl. “The whole game hides him is not an easy thing. We will work hard to face any player without such a way,” McDanier said. “We have to pass the ball in the place where the ball is needed. But I think you have to be careful about him and his place. He is a great player.”

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