Good soccer socks, sizing off the mark

These are good socks. My 8 y.o. plays competitive and so with training,

he’s playing 3-4 times/weekly. Need plenty of additional socks otherwise

the laundry turnaround is ridiculous, plus the occasional sock just disappears

like the dryer ate it or something. These socks are decent quality

he’s still using the black ones I bought in June, so they lasted through summer

soccer camps and the Fall season, still plenty of life. However, I’m here to buy more

in another color women nba jersey (white, for the home uniform). He’s decided these are more

comfortable than his other socks (they are definitely softer- have to look back

at the fabric blend).

However, a star off, because the sizing guide the company provides is SO far off the mark.

I read the reviews and managed to get the appropriate size, but if I’d gone by the company’s recc,

they’d be WAY too small. (For reference, my average size 8 y.o. is wearing the M 9-11).

4 months agoMy daughter is 4 years old and starting soccer for the first time this year. I wanted some socks

that fit well (she wears a little girls size 9 shoe) but were also inexpensive because she will likely

outgrow them/lose them very quickly.

i got what I asked for with this purchase. we bought the smallest size available 5-7 and they fit

her little feet perfectly. She still has some room to grow.

Great bargain compared to some of the other socks I saw out there. I don’t regret this purchase at all!!!

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