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Steelman safety Wei Feittrick: It is expected to get 6 to 7 times of copy of the new season.

In 14 games for Pittsburgh, Safety Swan Fitzpatrick is played in the 14 games of Pittsburgh, cheap nfl jerseys from china and MINKAH Fitzpatrick. He obtained 57 times, 5 copies, twice to grab the ball and get up to 2 times. Such a performance allows him to select a professional bowl and the best lineup.

And the second steel person season, Fitz Patrick forecast you will get more copy.

“I think I will get 6 times,” Fitz Patrick said. “I got 5 times last year. I am trying to be better than this. I think I missed some opportunities last year. I will get 6 to 7 times this year.”

Fitz Patrick believes that it will make him more excellent in the new season in the steel man system.

“Last year, I was completely serviced in the first year, and I am still learning,” said Fitz Patrick. “I want to learn a lot about this far-reaching security location and understand how to improve. I can do a better thing is that the gesture is lower, and the knee is more curved when playing. To be more explosive, more sharply Start. This is where I work hard to improve in daily training. “

Fitz Patrick’s arrival consolidates the outstanding team of steel people. Such performance is completely worthwhile to use the first round of draft delegation to get him. In the new season, cheap jerseys Fitz Patrick will work hard to help the steel man return to the playoffs.

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