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Nintendo will put the pocket monster advertisement in the super bowl

Nintendo Company announced: cheap nfl jerseys To celebrate the 20th anniversary celebration of the Pokemon Series, this year’s super bowl midfield will be put on.

According to reports, this advertisement will encourage players “training” their pet elf. In the battle and card trading system, players do targeted training for the battle between the elf. Nintendo is recording this advertisement with Omelet Company in Los Angeles.

As part of the event, Nintendo also launched the topic of the # pokemon20 # in social media, and cheap jerseys from china the fans of the pocket monsters will be able to use this topic to share their aesthetic memories of the pet elf.

Nintendo refuses to disclose any other news about this advertisement.

The game advertisement is in the super bowl in the middle of the show for a long time. The earliest advertisement dates back to 2010 “Ding’s Hell Tour”, last year’s advertisements include two mobile games in the “War Age”.

CBS is at least $ 5 million in superb bowl midfielder advertising at least $ 5 million.

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