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The outside world has been discussing Ezekiel Elliott, Levian-Bell (Le & # 39; Veon Bell) David Johnson, who will become the best running guard, but only There is no McCoo, he is dissatisfied with this: “I think I am the best running guard.”

The pirate announced on Wednesday that after being cut off by Denver’s wild horse, Bath agreed to sign a contract with the team. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapople reported that this contract was two years, with a maximum value of $ 2.75 million.

As a 29-year-old running Weikeoi actually doesn’t have to compare with these runners, he told reporters “There is nothing in the stadium, I can’t do it, I can catch the ball, I can hold the ball, I am the trouble of the defensive group, a person can’t hold me. “

Johnson completed 2118 yards in Arizona last season, and 20 reached 20 reachaes, and Bell promoted 1884 yards in the case of only 12 games, and the Ellio Duetchi was completely completed nearly 2000. The advancement of the code and 16 reacted.

Giants Cruze: I will be in the event

New York Giants Entry WikDo-Cruz 6 months ago, due to injuries, his injury has touched the heart of every giant team. Local time Thursday, Jerry Reese, General Manager, said in an interview that Cruze will return in the first week of competition.

It is important to know that the team can’t use the standard of professional players to measure a university quarter-off level. You must know that the rasque is spent two first rounds + two roundabouts + two three-round sign to exchange for a whole season, there is nothing, it is not a known champion. In this way, choosing Gary Prador does not make sense.

In addition to the passing of the pass, Winston also had a ball, in addition, he had too many passes to have passed too high and deviated from the goals in the early stage of the game, but later he led the third wave led. In the attack, he and the external hand Wensent-Jackson completed 1 40 yard biopsy cooperation.

When the Samunhan coach was still in the Brown offensive group, he had proposed that Guliblo was the second good quarterfield in 2014, second only to Derk Carl. Recently, he once again expressed the expectation of this young quarter-off: “The pass is very good, very fast, very like a person’s style & hellip; & hellip; I believe he will be a smart and combatful four Defense. “

He completed some good pass at the end of the last half, “Smith said to ESPN:” Very good pass decision. We will hope that there will be no copy, but I think he has passed some very good. Ball. This is how you evaluate your quadrant, see how he makes a pass option. Most of the time, I think he is very good. “

The performance of the first episode and the performance of the training camp in the training camp in the performance of Canton. He is not afraid to challenge the defensive group, which will raise the opponent to defend the pass, causing the big code to attack and owe the passing Some consequences. His state is suddenly hot and hot is a rookie player.

“I hope to be excited,” Gordon said, “his data is too amazing. I am working with Akler last season. He is a phenomenon-level player. I think Lin Sai is also an excellent, phenomenon level Run Guard. He entered a career bowl, the new show will be a thousand code. We will be a good combination of punch. I am very happy to work with him. “

The giant will hold the 9th in the election, and the relevant person thinks the team will not exclude the possibility of picking an external work. Lisse is in question and related issues that the team will choose the best player without locking the target at a particular location.

Lis said: “He looks great, running is very smooth, I think he has prepared for the return of the new season. I think we can see his performance Cheap Jerseys From China the first week. Of course, in things There is a variable before it happens, but at least it is at least, his condition is very good. “

I know what you are thinking about & mdash; & mdash; yes, Texas a man robbed the team’s 72 million painful lessons are still in the eye. Throwing the technical characteristics of the two people, the current contract of Garibal is more beneficial to his prospects.

Smith summarizes Wenston’s first game as a “typical Jemes – Winston Competition”, this champion is in 19-26 in Tampawan Pirate 16-26 in 1969 in the game of Minnesota. 131 yards, there is a pass of the pass being copied.

Cruze himself also talked about his recovery in an interview: “There is no question, I will definitely play at the opening of the battle. I think I am still the original, my performance will not decline.” The new season, Cruze will be with Odel – Beckham (Odell Beckhan) and Ruben Randle form a team’s external handle. Cruze is very expected to cooperate with Beckham, and he is very confident that the team can produce a good chemical reaction.

The team wants a benign loop, step by step, and the reserve talent is indispensable. One of the first four-point guards that play a stable level or more is the standard of hope. The quadruption of the university that spent a high-spirited university is very risks. Since the quarter-saving is so important, how can the three main coaches can judge whether Gari Puber is in line with their tactical style? How can I know that this young Braddy is backed by his predecessors such as Matt – Kassel, Brian Hoye or Len Male, etc.

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