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Giants believe that Pierre can’t play this year.

Last week, New York giants finally had the opportunity to do physical examination for Internet Page Jason Pierre-Paul, according to news, his hand is better than the team’s expectations, the team thinks he will be absent this season. the match of.

Jay – Carter is not 100% to determine retirement

At this time, Jay Cutler announced its retirement and accepted the work of the Fox TV. But soon he signed a year with the dolphins to help the team get out of the dilemma of Ryan Tannehill unexpected reimbursement.

At present, the giant cannot give the specific return date of this rushing, so the contract cannot be renewed in Piercolo can also put him on a non-football injury list and do not need to pay salary. He may be training recovery in Florida this season.

Bosa was chosen as the best defensive new show but did not remember it, because she missed the first four games in the season, and finally completed 10.5 times of four-point guard, and was rated as a league 5th rush by PFF. Do handle.

The former lion runs Bai Shi wants to participate in the Olympics

The front Detroit Lion First Way Xiu Jiavid Best is trying to become the latest NFL running guard for the latest opportunity to the Olympics as a career.

The father of Manning Brothers, Archie Manning, said that whether or not, Whether the Denver’s wild horse career is about to end: “He may want himself to return to a healthy state, then decide whether to continue the game. But this Everything will happen in the wild horse, he needs to change, change a team. “

Cowboy Run Eriore is rated as the best new show in PFWA

There is no suspense, Dallas Cowboy’s Runwiqi Jie Eliott is rated as the best new show in 2016 (PFWA) by the occupational American Football Writers Association (PFWA).

Just only one of the waves of the waves in the season is the replacement of the career bowl running guards – Freieman Freeman. He can get a good 4.5 yard each in the 87-shot, but his performance is not enough to make him a stable choice in the running guard.

Elays: Pelton is unlikely to join other teams

The superbit is coming, Eli Manning is also discussing Pedon Manning in the future. Manning said: “I don’t think that the victory will become the reason for him to make a decision, whether he will want to know what he wants to think after the season, then make a decision.”

Archer added: “He got some invitation last year, some teams and him hoped that he can join. But this has some dramatic, he will not like this. He changed a team in his career. I don’t know if he will do it again. “For the same question, Eli’s opinion is stronger:” No, I think this is very difficult, he will not join another team. “

Among the real people who participated in the wife of Katler, the two discussed the future scenes broadcast. Katler said herself “unable to determine” left the football field, and Wholesale nfl Jerseys to wait until September to determine if it is retired.

BEST has reached this achievement while participating in an invitational tour on April 2, this is his personal best score and is 0.01 seconds than the historical record of Saint Lucia. The State of St. Lucia will be held at the end of June.

“I just want to bring honor to the Saint Lucia, to the Olympic delegation, brought to athletics,” Best said earlier this month. “I want to wear the national flag around the field and let my family and the country are proud. I will seek a place in the team, representing my country, I am significant to my family.”

Although it is not St. Lucia citizen, BEST is related to this island state. His father grows up on the island. This will help Benster applied for Saint Lucia citizenship before the opening of the Olympic Games.

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