Selecting a Hardwood Floor Refinishing Company

Deciding on the correct company to refinish your hardwood floors can be a nerve racking expertise, but it would not need to be. Armed with the proper knowledge, you possibly can pick the fitting firm for the job, making certain a quality end and saving cash over the lifetime of your floor. Many residenceowners get a number of bids and pick the lowest estimate. This is a recipe for disaster, as a number of the most important factors in deciding which refinishing company is greatest, usually increase the initial value of the job.

One of the essential factors in figuring out who should refinish your hardwood floors is experience and customer satisfaction. How long has the corporate been refinishing floors? Can the company provide you with references of people you possibly can contact? Will the owner of the corporate or an experienced employee be actively participating in the project? These are great questions to start off with when making initial contact with a refinishing company. Experienced and well established corporations will be able to provide an accurate time frame of how long the job will take. It is not uncommon for an excellent company to be booked several weeks in advance, so do not be dismayed if it’s important to be scheduled. A floor refinishing firm that’s skilled and does quality work will even have insurance and embrace a written guarantee. Wood floor refinishing is a highly skilled craft that takes years to perfect. It’s best to go with a seasoned professional that really knows the craft and art of refinishing.

One other factor to consider before deciding on a refinishing firm is how they deal with clean up and the dust that is created through the process of refinishing your floors. Sadly, there’s an incredible quantity of mud that comes from the sanding and buffing of hardwood floors. This dust, left unchecked will settle for weeks and even get into the air handling system. Aside from being a nuisance, this dust can cause health problems and must be avoided. An experienced refinishing company is knowledgeable in dust management practices and may even have advanced equipment to filter the dust earlier than it ever gets into the air. New advances in finishing equipment can provide a virtually mud free job. Nevertheless, the advanced mud reduction equipment is dear and is often limited to more established contractors. The advantages of limiting dust in the course of the job will not be limited to aesthetics, convenience, and health. A dust free setting also provides a better quality job, particularly when finish coats are utilized to a clean floor.

Once you have a written estimate, make sure everything you mentioned is in writing. The estimate ought to clearly state the materials that will be used, the time frame, the guarantee, and the price. If you happen to do not see an item included within the estimate, ask for it to be included in writing. Keep in mind to compare apples to apples when looking on the estimates, keeping in mind experience, cleanliness, quality of supplies, guarantee, and former buyer satisfaction. Keep in mind that almost all times, you get what you pay for.

Getting your hardwood floors refinished does not must be an intimidating demanding ordeal. Educating your self as a homeowner gives you the reassurance of getting a certified refinishing contractor who gets the job achieved superbly and in a timely manner.

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