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Pirates Quartz Tom – Braddy: Need to enhance the long-term attack performance

Tampa Bay pirates have created top weapon libraries in the offensive group, but Tom Brady is difficult to complete the long-distance attack.

Cooper was injured before the start of the 2016 season, and he did not participate in most training projects. The patriot will give him up in October. After Cooper, it was a brown, cowboy, red skin, and participated in 49 people training camp.

This year’s 27-year-old Joseph is the effectiveness of Cleveland last season, and there were 14 games, and 8 of them were first completed, a total of 64 hugs, 1 copy, 4 times destroyed passed, and took the ball twice.

Cooper is a seven-round show in the Quad 2013, from the University of North Carolina. Due to injuries, Cooper is only playing 24 games in Purqual, and 11 of them were first. The rickets finally used him and a two-wheeled sign in exchange for the defensive end of Quendler – Chandler Jones.

Payton stressed that the team is still in a learning phase, but said he was “enjoying” playbook study process, new tactics and not as previously tactics are very different, as some people think. Kubiak at the Cheap nfl Jerseys annual conference last month made it clear that he plans to retain some aspects of the old offensive tactics, these tactics helped Manning astounding 131 passing touchdowns in the past three seasons.

In the absence of a threat, Newton’s pass is also powered by a power of a threat, and his success rate in the game reached 78.9%. The patriot did not ask him to complete the long biography of the side line or to the opponent defensive. The match with the tactics of the squash and passed the patriotic offensive group.

The ram is started at the Route Tak Mus Peters and Aquib Talib, and also with the trough angiker-Robs. Nickell Robey-Coleman renewal. They also signed a $ 14 million contract with the defensive cutoffon Suh-Soviet (NDAMUKONG SUH).

Patriot coach: The team’s new offensive system has played the advantage of Camm-Newton

The best coach will play the strengths of the best players in the team, rather than forcing the players to adapt to their system.

Therefore, the new England Patriots coach Bill Bell Belichick and the offense coordinator Josh McDaniels will completely change the offensive system for the new first quartz, Cam Newton. It is not surprising. In the 21-11 game, the patriot showed an offensive system with a large regional reading and quadrant.

Given the largest opponent New Orleans Saint Saint, the first four-point guards, Drew Brees, Braddy and pirates have seen the opportunity to exceed Saint. More excellent long attacks obviously help them hit this goal.

“This is definitely what we have to solve,” Breddy said on Friday. “Our players ran out of the opponent’s back to the back of the opponent, which was found to be sent to them. If you didn’t pass the ball into them, these just flew very far, we played the game There are several such balls in the middle. “

Newton completed 15 shots in this game to get 75 yards 2 times, and the number of squash codes ranked first. 15 times is the maximum number of punches completed by the Belip Chi-Times Patriot, and it can be ranked second in Newtonian career. In this competition, the patriot was amazingly completed 42 shots, and the 217 yard was promoted to get 3 times.

McDaniels did not use direct tactics. When Newton appeared, the patriot had used a false truncation to attack and regional reading offensive to let the dolphins guarded this. Patriot uses these tactics in 82.5% of the attack.

“We always strive to do things that best helper the team win,” Bellchk said on Monday. “Everything we do in the past 20 years is for Tom Braddy, should do this. All is for Tom Brady. Everything is for him, except for him, there is no game, such as (Matt) Matt Cassel or Jimmy (Jimmy Garoppolo) (Jimmy Garoppolo) in Braddy (Jacoby Brissett) The game. So you know sometimes you have to make a different plan. “

Breddy’s passage success rate was 66% this season, and 60.8% of the prevailing of the new England patriot last season had increased a lot, but he had averaged 10.8 yards per pass on 2002. . This season Braddy passed the 2739 code 23 times to the 7th pass, the record was 7 wins and 3 losses, but the long-pass attack obviously helped to play a good pirate offensive group.

Perhaps a series of injuries encountered by pirate main pickers can explain Braddy and their lack of tacit understanding in the long attack. Injury allows them to work in training, not to mention the epidemic affecting this year’s break and training camp.

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