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External handlers Antonio – Brown: Steel people should give me new contracts

External picking Antonio-Brown (Antonio Brown) said that he had never considered a dismissal, but he also clearly said that the Pittsburgh steelman should give him a new contract.

Sean Ryan, Texas, said that for Jackson’s four-defense, he needs to study the passing ability of the other party. Ryan said: “We understand that there are still many jobs to do, but at least know that he has the ability to complete these things.”

The steel man has long been a strategy that does not renegotiate the contract with non-quarter-free players unless the contract has only one year. Brown is made when answering him is the exception of this strategy. He said his agent. Will meet the team.

Brown said that the steel man has been giving him “first treatment” in the past, including the reconstruction of the contract last year, and the 2000,000 US dollars in the future will be satisfied. It is possible to reorganize his contract.

Due to the status of the United States of America No. 2, the patriot did not have a game until January 16. This made Braddy have been restored to ankle, Dolphin Defense Front team Ndamukong Suh’s fierce collision Leading his injury. His injured tremble is very bad for the team, but Braddy has brought more serious injuries. “I feel very sore,” said the Braddy. “But the injury will heal.”

The patriot enters the playoffs in the case of saturated troubles, but we are not worried about whether Brundy will play in the partition final week. He will be ready unless his injuries have deteriorated.

The legendary quartzwood was cut off in the supermarket in the training camp of Green Bay packaging in the 1990s. After his own efforts came to the interior league, he went back to Wholesale Nfl Jerseys to lead St. Louis ram, and won a super bowl ring. .

In the contractual situation of the Brown, the steel man coach Mike Domin did not have a positive answer, only to discuss Brown’s performance in training every day. “He is here. He is training,” Tom Lin said.

According to NFL NetWork reporter Ian Rapoport, Texas has completed the four-point Guamar Jackson on Wednesday. If Jackson slipped to the 68th sign & mdash; & mdash; it was the head of Texas this year’s first draft sign & mdash; & mdash; Dezhou people will “prepare”.

Kade Warner This player from the Desert Mountains, of course, is also Warner’s son, helping the team completed 225 yards of the number of ball numbers in 49 more than 42 defenders, and the record broke the state player. The number of ball codes records.

49 people introduced Williams became a new decision to be a good decision. Williams who have been selected for career bowls is still one of the best left tiales in the affiliate. Limiting Bosa in the training to show that 32-year-old Williams still maintain strength.

It is reported that the social media main page of the region is replaced by the photos of their quartz, Tom Brady, and the patriots’ fans also start fundraising to ensure that the team will help the team’s 1 million dollars. .

Brown feels that he is different, his data proves this. Despite the four-dimensional Safety of the Sale, the Ben Roethlisberger lacks 4 games, Brown still completed 136 battles to get 1834 yards 10 times.

“You have to take care of your player,” Brown said after training. “If a player is lower than the contract value, you cut him. If a player performs more than the value of the contract, you have to take care of him.”

49 General Manager: Chong Hand Boosa to the left of the left, the cut off, Williams worth paying attention

The best defensive Xiu Nick – Bosa and professional bowls last season continued to become the focus of 49 people training camps in San Francisco.

“I will say that the two people ‘s dedissions must see programs,” Lin Qi said. “I will try to observe the global when I am on the scene, but I will pay attention to there. Two have a very talented professional player. But they really do technology superb and want to be a great player, they are challenge each other every day. The two are respectful. It looks like to kill each other in the attack and defense, but then help each other. They will compare notes. Look at them is very fun. Two is the best level players of the league, the best Things are to hear how much progress they will say. This is the most extremely grinding. “

At the end of last year, Texas people took the first round of this year to Cleveland Brown, exchanged the first round of the other party, with the four-point saten. It is unlikely to choose a quarter-saving, but Jackson, who has a hematch-sensitive dual energy may bring unexpectedly.

Breddy’s teammates, the special group player Matthew – Matthew Slater is not worried about Braddy’s situation, he said on Sunday: “You never want to see Braddy hit, or he injured, he It is so important for our team … but he is very strong. If there is one thing I have found with him for eight years, it is that there are not many people to be strong than him. “

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